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LASF Proudly Endorses The Following
Innovative "Starfish" Projects
Their Visionary Leaders Embody the Mission of this Foundation
We Commend These Projects As Worthy of Your Attention & Support

                            The GiggleFest joins Mr. Giggles

  Project Director: Carla Riechman, M.Ed.
  Purpose: The Giggle Fest is committed to teaching Laughter Meditation to everyone and anyone with the intention of creating a peaceful
  and joyful world. We use laughter to give participants an experience of deep rest and relaxation that only meditation can provide. Once a
  participant has created the sense of peace and joy in his or her own body and mind, then it is possible to spread that inner joy into the
  surrounding environment.

  Carla Riechman (pronounced RICH-MAN) has been called the Quenn of Laughter since the late 90's. Her passion i s to laugh and to make people smile and laugh and feel happy. In 2000, after spedning many years with her on laughter gatherings, Sri Sri Ravi SHanka (Art of Living Foundation), asked Ms. Riechman to go out and make the world laugh. He told her that she had the power to make anyone laugh and feel better in just a short period of time.

Try a Laughter Meditation with us. You will be amazed at the results. Join GiggleFest Live http://www.giggle-fest.com/
Follow on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/GigglefestjoinsMrGiggles/
                                                 National Association for the Humor Impaired
 Project Director: Stu Robertshaw, BS, MS, EdD, JD aka Dr. Humor
  Purpose: Robertshaw's aim is to get people to lighten up, to keep their sense of humor alive and to remember that change isn't the end of the world. What does the doctor recommend as an antidote for fending off world-weariness? Start your day, he advises, by laughing for 30 seconds while looking in the mirror. It's hard at first, but once you get the hang of it, he says, "it completely shifts your mood."

How to Obtain Your Free Membership Kit! The benefits of joining the National Association for the Humor Impaired are increased laughter, better health, a quiz that identifies humor impaired persons, a wallet-sized membership card, and an 8½" by 11" membership certificate. A lifetime membership is FREE to qualified members in exchange for your sharing with Dr. Humor a story of the funniest moments that happened to you or someone you know. The story you submit must be a real story and not a joke or fiction. To submit your application for a free membership, send your story to Dr. Humor by mail or email. In order to receive your membership kit, be sure to include your mailing address.

National Association for the Humor Impaired, 3356 Bayside Court, Suite 201, La Crosse, WI 54601 http://www.drhumor.com/membership/index.shtml
                                          Wiser Now, Inc.
  Project Director: Kathy Laurenhue
  Purpose: Wiser Now aims to promote healthy aging by using a lighthearted touch to help you (and/or those you serve) make new
  connections in your brain (Keep your curiosity alive) and new connections with others by sharing the exercises and talking about what you
  learn, because a strong social network is one of the top three keys to aging well.

  Kathy Laurenhue, is CEO-Chief Enthuiasm Officer, of Wiser Now, Inc. (Backed by Science & Fueled by Fun), can help CLLs develop a
  playful mind while creating new connections in your brain and new connections with others by sharing the exercises. Use props. "When I
  write a trivia quiz, it is never primarily about helping participants gain valuable new knowledge. The goal is lighthearted fun, and the topics are chosen because people are likely to have an opinion about them. I am not at all interested in whether you get the answers right, but I am hoping the topic stimulates a lively discussion among those it is shared with. Trivia quizzes, word games, puzzles, and even wind-up toys (when used purely because they make us laugh) serve as props for helping us to connect and get to know one another better. https://wisernow.com/wn2/
                                 Jewish Humor Central

Project Director: Al Kustanowitz
Purpose: To preserve and promte the appreciation of the unique culture of Jewish humor.

Jewish Humor Central is a blog to start your day with news of the Jewish world that's likely to produce a knowing smile and some Yiddishe nachas. It's also a collection of sources of Jewish humor--anything that brings a grin, chuckle, laugh, guffaw, or just a warm feeling to readers. Our posts include jokes, satire, books, music, films, videos, food, Unbelievable But True, and In the News. Some are new, and some are classics. We post every morning, Sunday through Friday. Enjoy! http://www.jewishhumorcentral.com/
                                Miles of Smiles Quest

  Project Director: Becky Cortino, Hickory, NC
  Purpose: This bold campaign promotes the challenge of simply sharing smiles equally and freely, making this world brighter.

FOUNDED in 2007 by Becky Cortino, Miles Of Smiles Quest seeks to spread Miles Of Smiles Globally! This bold campaign promotes the challenge of simply sharing smiles equally and freely, making this world brighter. Based on the premise “Healing Humor is NOT a Band Aid -- it’s a Way of Life!”™ everyone is invited, because reaching this priceless goal is possible together. Joining Miles Of Smiles Quest is easy! Links to participate [FREE], books, media, resources for smiles, positively impacting every day, injecting Healing Humor into Healthcare by Becky Cortino are here: http://www.HealingHumor-BeHappy.com 
                                        Act Resilient

  Project Director & Creator: Genie Joseph, MFA, PhD, Hawaii
  Purpose: Combinig and variety of activities into programs that decrease stress and build & restore resilience.

  ACT RESILIENT is a new program created by Genie Joseph combining drama and improvisational comedy that helps lower stress and increase mental health. It is designed to help military personnel and their families to better handle their emotions and find a creative outlet. Genie: "I have had the honor of working with over 4,000 soldiers and am delighted to see how effective the Act Resilient Program is to help military people and their families quickly restore a sense of hope and enthusiasm." http://www.act-resilient.org/ 

  Project Director & Creator: Godelieve Smulders, Amsterdam
  Purpose: Sending internet laughs all over the globe, digitally WRAPPING THE WORLD IN LAUGHTER.

  THE IDEA By massively sending zigzagging internet laughs all over the globe, we envision digitally WRAPPING THE WORLD IN LAUGHTER. So the essence of the project is connection, the format is l@ughter, the final products are a compilation movie of the most authentic laughs offered to the UN as a sign of connection and a book with all 199 countries represented; laughing.

  HOW TO PROCEED We have created smart phone APPs for Android phones on the Google play store and on the App store for iPhones You can download the APPs for free! L@ugh with friends or family and record your own video with the app. Upload the video! You can share your video through social media. Or alternatively, see yourself connected with other world l@ughers !

By uploading your l@ugh you will support Right to Play, a not for profit organisation, led by ex-Olympic champions, empowering children through play and education in conflict zones! Every upload of your l@ughter will pay for helping kids laugh again. http://www.laughterlab.com
                                      The Fun Conspiracy

  Head Conspirator: Ginny Hunneke
  Purpose: The Fun Conspiracy is a playful learning community guided by professional life coaches, educators, wellness practitioners, artists and other conspirators who are dedicated to the pursuit of Authentic Fun and joyful empowerment
  We are subversive! We reject prevailing cultural attitudes that fun needs to be earned, imbibed, consumed, parceled out in meager doses or relegated to weekends. The Fun Conspiracy offers play-full life coaching and a variety of ongoing opportunities to explore Authentic Fun in safe, supportive and empowering ways including personal sessions with a life coach, small group activities and community events. http://thefunconspiracy.com/ 


Project Director & Founder: Helen Szollosy, CLL,  O.S.E. (Outlook Shift Engineer! & Overly Silly Exuberant!)
 Purpose:  Helen's greatest joy is making someone's day!

 Helen constantly creates the most fun ways to manifest her passion: To motivate and inspire others! She rePHresh-es your thoughts and suggests New LIFE Outlooks! Key talk: "Look Out! It's LIFE!  With a PHresh Outlook!"  a.k.a. *Weeeee!"  http://http://www.lafolot.com/
                                           CITIZEN CLOWN

  Project Director & Founder:
Guy Giard, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  Purpose: In collaboration with local citizens, governmental and non-governmental organizations, to improve the health, education, and living conditions of children, families and citizens currently living in extreme poverty.

  Next August I will be joining Dr Patch Adams as the clown Ukelele for the children and families of Belen. The 10th Annual Belen Project on August 5-16 2015, sponsored by Gesundheit! Institute and Bolaroja Clown Doctors of Peru! Clowns from around the world return to Iquitos, Peru, near the headwaters of the Amazon River. For more information contact Citizen Clown Guy, at http://www.guygiard.com/ 
                                             Happy, Lucky Me!
                                   Project Director & Founder:
Masako Kusakari, Japan
  Purpose: To increase the number of smiles in Japan
  Masako Kusakari is a trainer who teaches humor and communication, both in English and her native Japanese. Her class “Humor and Communication,” helps people improve their sense of humor. Inspired years ago by a nurse's humorous comment following a personal injury, and by national disaster, Kusakari felt the need to let people know about the power of laughter and humor. Bolstered by Allen Klein's book, "The Healing Power of Humor", she started her project with the goal of teaching Japan about the benefits of humor, smiling and laughter. By her rough calculations, she has helped seven hundred Japanese people smile and laugh."Only 127 million to go!!!" she says. Kusakari has won many awards for her speaking on the topic. Gart Westerhart has written a song on the topic
For more information, contact Masako at marthakusakari@gmail.com.
                                      Stand Up for Mental Health
    Project Director & Founder: David Granirer
In David Granirer’s Stand Up For Mental Health course, mental health consumers turn their problems into stand up comedy, then perform their acts at conferences, treatment centers, psych wards, for various mental health organizations, corporations, government agencies, on college and university campuses, and most importantly for the general public. The Power of Stand Up Comedy! “We use comedy to give mental health consumers a powerful voice and help reduce the stigma and discrimination around mental illness,” says Granirer. For more information CLICK HERE.
                                               Healing Headbands

   Project Director: Barbara Grapstein, CLL, Glen Head, NY
Children and families are encouraged to laugh, express their silliness through a uniquely creative process by painting colorful art onto special sized poster board. The artwork then gets printed on special UV-protective fabric, which then are made into personalized protective headbands. These beautiful original works of art are gentle reminders how healing starts from within and can be worn everyday.

Come learn, laugh, create and heal with the Healing Headbands Project, Inc.

Comedy Warriors - DVD


Take five wounded veterans and four top comedians, the result: laughter and the healing power of humor.

Comedy Warriors is an uplifting film that shows there's another perspective from which to view life's difficulties, and that is humor. It's a universal message that relates to many of our injured military, as well as all who have experienced hardships and trauma. This film raises awareness of how humor can support the healing process of all individuals.
A life-affirming film. CLICK HERE TO BUY IT NOW


Your Heart on Art

Project Director: Eileen Wallach, Nashville, TN
   This 501(c)3 nonprofit promotes emotional healing through therapeutic art workshops. Individuals struggling with grief, fear, pain and anger, and their loved ones, learn a new way to express themselves — with creativity and color. Facilitators utilize both a structured and non-structured approach to encourage change and well-being. Therapeutic art workshops facilitate profound healing for people of all ages. Your Heart on Art workshops are designed to evoke self-discovery. For more information about this uniquely powerful project CLICK HERE.


1,000 Red Noses

Project Director: Debra Joy Hart, RN, CLL, St. Joseph, IL

Purpose: To help create peace and joy around the world giving red noses to adults and children of any and all cultures, races and religions  while presenting uplifting & enjoyable programs that connect laughter as a universal language to love as the universally needed social glue. Deb has taken her project to the Quechuan people of Peru, and to the children of  Osugi Musical Theatre, Komatsu, Japan. She documents the project by collecting inspirational photos that reflect the process of giving and receiving joy in the form of a red nose. For more information about this inspired project with global implications, CLICK HERE.

                                                   Marie's Masks

Project Director: Judy Goldblum-Carlton, Columbia, MD



This is a project of National Humor Month CLICK FOR DETAILS

We are inviting the world to have fun combining the visual arts with humor and laughter. Simply apply your own creative expression to decorating or otherwise embellishing a Smiley face. Make your own (try starting with with a paper plate) or use one of the 13" diameter cardboard cutouts shown here that you can order from www.smileystore.com. Send a photo of your creation(s) for  the Giggles Gallery at info@humormonth.com.


The GIGGLE BOX Project
Using humor to help hospitalized kids get well and stay well

  Project Director: Susan Dempsey, CLL, Springfield, MO

  MISSION: To reawaken the life-giving power of joy, through laughter and play.
  VISION: To heal lives with laughter and love.

  The Giggle Box Project is a non-profit organization joyfully dedicated to promoting physical healing and the emotional well-being of patients in hospitals. We are at the forefront of the movement in our society addressing emotional stress and its affect on our physical bodies. The Gigglebox(tm) is a tool that empowers the patient to deliberately choose a more positive perspective, thereby reducing the current stress and promoting a lifestyle change toward a continued positive outlook that will have a necessary and beneficial ripple affect into our entire society's well-being. For more information about bring this project to a hospital near you CLICK HERE.

                                 The Happiness Project Guidebook for Schools

  Project Director: Sue Stephenson, CLL-E, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

  This project involves the creation of a Guidebook and accompanying video files to assist teachers and principals in starting a Happiness Project for their school. tt is based on a highly successful two-year project in Toronto, Canada that I have led that we want to share more widely across Canada, the United States and internationally with a mental health and well-being focus. It was featured on the Canadian National TV station CSC. The second year the project involved two professional comedians who had graduated from a local Community College School of Comedy, the four teachers, and myself along with the
resources in my book Kiddlng Around: connecting kids to happiness, laughter and humour.

To get more information and
read an an article about the first year of this project published by MiddleWeb (for middle school teachers) CLICK HERE

Using humor to help kids enjoy reading

CLICK FOR Project Description & FREE Support Materials


World Laughter Day
First Sunday in May

Background & History

World Laughter Day Proclamation  Proclamation



                                      National Humor Month -April

Director: Steve Wilson
Founder: Larry Wilde

A whole month devoted to honoring those who make us laugh, professionals and amateurs alike, as well as friends, neighbors, teachers, and relatives, including your Uncle Fred and Aunt Tillie.This is the place where you can get terrific ideas about how to celebrate humor, as well as information about the ancient roots of humor and the many expressions of humor. All materials and resources are free at the website.



Think Globally, Laugh & FEED Locally
FULL BELLY LAUGHTER is the name selected for an initiative that ALL laughter lovers are invited to join. Easing hunger, nourishing bodies and souls, is a necessary part of leading the way to laughter and a better world.